Sometimes you will not know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.


About Me

Any kind of loved up event makes me giddy. I love people in love. I’ll cry behind the lens, I’ll be the peanut gallery, I might swear a bit, and I’ll be laughing every moment I can with you. I don’t mind lying down in the puddle to get the shot. I’ll go out in the pouring rain if you want to. I love being adventurous and maybe even a little daring. Better to ask forgiveness than permission. 

We’ll laugh…we’ll cry…we’ll snort until milk comes out our noses.

Capturing The Moment…

I play free and loose, no constraints or stiff icky poses. I want you to enjoy your day as you want it to be. I’ll lead when you want, take the back seat and let you drive, and suggest some quirky things along the way. I prefer to be your guide for the perfect day, getting the most out of our time with you, whatever that means to you.

Keeping It Forever…

Long after the chicken dinner is done, the decorations are put away into the forever boxes, and the bills are paid, your wedding portraits are there for you to relive your day forever. These are the moments you will enjoy with your family, their family, and along down the generations to come.

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