Maid of Honour Duties – What’s Expected?

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Being a Maid of Honour is a ton of work. Get your runners on ladies…

The logistics of course start months – even years before the actual wedding day and can consist of organising all the Bridesmaids with their accoutrements of the day – dresses, shoes, Hair and Make-up and timelines of the day itself.
Prepping everything from invitations, helping set up venues and be a cat herder…err…I mean organise family and volunteers.
TIP: The best thing you can do for yourself actually is convince the bride to get an event planner – and then delegate EVERYTHING YOU CAN!

But all the delegating in the world won’t get you out of helping to choose the invitations, go cake tasting, help pick flowers and decor details,  Celebrant, bridal registry. Just pucker up, put on your big girl panties and weather the storm!

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So the tough bits are decided now. The dresses have arrived, the flowers have been ordered, all the cakes tasted, the bits and pieces ordered…But wait…here comes the fun part…the HENS Party.
It is indeed your responsibility to host the bridal shower. Vegas here we come. Plan out the Cher concert, the yummy theatre shows…the after dinner (ahem) entertainment (in house would always be preferable to a “club”. Did you know that you can order a bus for your girls crew with a stripper pole…(anyways back to the topic).

And now the big day is here. This is where your Maid of Honour Duties are going to be endlessly running around, double checking. Pack an extra cell phone charger JUST IN CASE YOU LOSE YOURS. If you don’t have an event planner then YOU get to be the point of communication between the bride and guests. This brings up a very special point. YOU will run interference between the bride and anything that comes up on the day. YOU need to take the weight of the emotion as things go a little sideways when the rainstorm comes rushing in 30 minutes before the outdoor ceremony is about to begin and the guests are huddled under one umbrella getting soaked. You are there to be the buffer and problem solver while the Bride is having her photographs taken.

ErinPimmPhotographyThis day is going to be extremely busy so make sure to get a good nights rest (only one bottle of bubbles the night before is recommended) You are going to have to get all the bridesmaids organised with hair and makeup and dressed BEFORE the Erin Pimm Photography arrives. You are going to organise the flowers, make sure the dress, veil & train, lip gloss are set properly before you and then SHE walks up the aisle while holding your flowers and navigating the grass in your stilettos (Tired yet?), hold the Grooms ring, hold bouquets during ceremony and being a witness/signing the wedding certificate.

Now you get to let loose a little…say hi to family, hugs and kisses and congrats and on to your bridal party pictures. Repeat all the above but add in some alcohol and rowdy groomsmen.

At the reception you will be announced upon arrival (your big moment – after of course you have primped the bride after the limo ride) – take her glass of champagne out of her hand.

Sit next to the bride at dinner, help her to the toilet, tell her when she has spinach in her teeth..stop the waiters from constantly topping her glass up and trying to take her half eaten plate away.

Collect envelopes of cash, do a little dance, make a little love…and then…GET DOWN TONIGHT!

Don’t forget the toasts and speeches (better prep up on this one and test out your material well ahead of time).

Fall onto your bed at 3AM after the after-after party reception. Peel the bandaids off your blistered feet and thank yourself for pulling off the best Maid of Honour Duties of the Century – until of course your next best friend asks you…or better yet – you get to bestow that gift on the now married bride in martial bliss…aka the PERFECT revenge!

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